Businesses around the world have come through the last decade with an increased focus on their core activities, and greater cost sensitivity. In many cases this has resulted in vertically-integrated business models being unpicked in favour of engaging with specialist service providers. Many governments are also pursuing these benefits through ambitious outsourcing and partnership programmes. Challenges commonly experienced by companies in the sector include:

  • Delivering continuous cost savings, both internally and for external clients.
  • Scaling the sales function, as sales are often consultative and the sales cycle can be very long.
  • Investing in the development of new services that anticipate future client needs.

We support clients through rigorous analysis of client needs. We provide detailed and practical advice on the real scale of their addressable market and a deeper understanding of competitive differentiation. Our wide-ranging experience across multiple business and support services segments allows us to provide clients with best-practice benchmarks for their operation.

Recent sub-sectors that we have been engaged in include:

Human capital:

  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Employee benefits
  • Training and education

Document management:

  • Print management
  • Print services
  • Document solutions


  • Life sciences
  • Transport
  • Finance

Marketing services:

  • Marketing communications
  • Creative services
  • Digital workflow and technology
  • Field sales and marketing

Professional services:

  • Legal
  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Compliance and regulation

Property services:

  • Hard facilities management
  • Soft facilities management
  • Property management

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