The Challenge

We were commissioned by a private equity investor to provide consulting support in relation to its potential acquisition of a manufacturer of ophthalmic surgical equipment, instruments and fluids. The business distributes its products to more than 80 countries worldwide and has its own sales and marketing organisations in the USA, France, Germany, Middle East, Scandinavia, UK, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. The transaction was still in the early stages, and our private equity client was not yet in exclusivity. We completed the project in phases, covering issues as they arose throughout the process and as access to company data became available.

The Approach

“I thought the work was outstanding. It met, even surpassed our scope.” - Private equity client

As part of our work we conducted an extensive interview programme with contacts from our own database and network. We interviewed ophthalmic surgeons, purchasing managers, healthcare product distributors and competitors in more than 15 countries spanning North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our advice covered:

  • Market growth and the target business’ performance vs. the market.
  • The target business’ value proposition and business model.
  • Competitive dynamics.
  • Supplier selection.
  • Route to market options.
  • The threat of alternative treatments, such as new drug developments.
  • The business plan, achievability and upsides.

The Result

Our private equity client gained a full picture of the target’s growth opportunities – both current and potential – and our advice helped it to decide against investing in the business.

For more information contact:

Jon Whiteman

T: +44 20 3829 2720