The Challenge

Our client was one of the UK’s longest standing contracting groups and a leading player in modular construction. It has a turnover of over £600 million and owns a number of well established brands.

The UK contracting market has been dogged by poor profitability and an adversarial relationship with customers for decades. Our client had designed a strategy to offer customers a better quality and more cost effective offering under one of its core brands. We were engaged to support management by providing market-based evidence to support, and where appropriate, challenge the development of its business model.

The Approach

We carried out a review of published information, press and trade commentary relevant to our client’s served markets and conducted thorough interviews with market participants. This information was used to investigate and test the proposal through:

  • Top down analysis: understanding the scale of the market opportunity in key sectors
  • Bottom up analysis: establishing customers’ appetite for the proposal
  • Testing alternative routes for engaging with customers
  • Establishing our client’s fit into the proposal and learning from current projects
  • Providing independent evidence of the financial benefits of the new proposition.

The Result

Our client’s new strategy has proved immensely successful with its customers, with the company’s financial performance continuing to strengthen despite the construction recession. Major contracts include the sustainable development of one of the UK’s largest power stations.

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