The Challenge

Our client was a specialist UK private equity firm which, in conjunction with an established UK bank, were considering supporting the buy-out of an independent food manufacturer supplying the foodservice and retail sectors. It manufactures chilled and frozen sauces and soups as well as other food products.

We were engaged to develop a better understanding of the company, the dynamics of its addressable markets and analyse the achievability of its forecasts.

The Approach

“The team at CIL is exceptionally good. They are very good at listening to you rather than your traditional consultant coming in with pre-formed views. Their sales forecasts showed a good understanding of the wider food market and the processes that drive it.” – managing director, food manufacturer

We used published information on the market, interviews with foodservice and retailer customers, industry experts and competitors and discussions with key internal stakeholders to provide detailed information and strategic advice on:

  • The UK foodservice and retail market for chilled and frozen food.
  • The key factors driving demand for the business’ products, including consumer behaviour and new product development.
  • The business’ relationship with its key customers and competitive positioning.
  • Drivers of value in the food industry from a shareholder perspective.
  • Shared values and vision for the business in the medium term.

The Result

The acquisition went ahead and the company has since achieved strong growth, increasing turnover by almost 50% over four years. Our client has since realised its investment, achieving an excellent return.

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